Sunday, 11 March 2012

KONY 2012

i don't have to make any explanation of this video here...pls watch this video and u will know it...and remember to click the pledge in kony2012. com official website, save the lives save the world...thanks


The best word to describe my room is MESSY, the best word to describe my life is basically I'm living in hell... I can't wait until May!!! I've been busy with tons of assignment, my university is crazy and my lecturers are I'm gonna complete a master course in only 8 is not a normal postgraduate program, how can it goes so fast, I'm so sorry I'm still living in ice age, I'm only walking with my studies, not by rocket or bullet train..everything goes so fast...gosh, i can't take it :-(
And now i doubt to go for professional paper CFA and definitely won't mention PHD dis word any more...
I wanted to update some photo here but seems like i so fucking long didn't update my mac to the latest version, i can't open my iPhoto...damn!!!!!! 

Friday, 13 January 2012


I have date with all the module's books + assignments + homework...why there is no date or any photo me with some lent chai :-( SAD!!!! actually i found out that student is the most amazing person in the world because we can memorize all the chapters that taught in a semester (3-4months) just in one night before the exam, yet we need different teachers to teach us different modules but we 1 person can absorb and learn different modules in the same time...why can't the teacher does the same, 1 teacher to teach us 4 different modules...conclusion----> student FTW!!!
                            I've been so exhausted  to study and do the homework
                            all the time and I NEEDA GO TO LIBRARY DURING
                                                     WEEKEND WTF!
                      Those rubbishs always cheer me up whenever i was too stress
                                      from studies and assignments  

I REMEMBERED SOMEONE ONCE TOLD ME WE CAN"T GAIN WEIGHT WHEN U"RE STRESS....dun cheat me!!! been eating a lots of instant noodles recently, actually stress just an excuse cuz i've found out that the korean cup noodle so fucking yummylicious...
I gotta sleep right now cuz tomolo needa wake up early to go swimming cuz i just got my new swimwear from ADIDAS today...hehe :-) I behu behu wanna show off my new swimwear to the si angmoh...i don't care if i have small boobs although the ang moh always with the big boobs...watever...

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Went to central Lomdon on Friday to meet up Adrian and his friends those from Newcastle for a road trip. Actually it was an excuse for me to shopping in Oxford Street..nyek nyek (evil horn popped out).
shoppings of the day :-) Mickey is for my friend's son's birthday celebration in McDonald Conlideep. bought a MAC lipstick from Selfridges and 2 bags from Marc.B (Topshop).
                       So in love with these bags and its an on sale item..!!
                                 Happy face with Marc.B The Carrie RED
                                 Marc.B The Olivia CHOCOLATE OSTR
                          happy to the max!!!!!!! if I didn't bring them home,
                          guilty to the MAX!!!!
                          My new MAC lipstick....not that reddish, it's more to
                          pinky, maybe its the effect of lighting
                                   Adana Kebab, lebanese restaurant just
                                   located under London Eye
I had my dinner with Adrian, his friends and his sister. His sister super friendly and talk non-stop like we all knew each other more than 10 years, wtf :-)

Too bad i forgot to snap any photo with them maybe i was too excited of my shoppings or bla bla bla... but it was a bad day for me cuz i cut my right thumb and kept bleeding non-stop + my left middle finger get cut too by Topshop hanger + burnt a big hole of my pocket = life of the day

                   I had to keep changing the plaster every 2 hours cuz its still
                   bleeding until the next day!!!!!!Lesson of the day ---------->
                   shuai ka beh si (bad luck to the max)

Friday, 6 January 2012

x'mas FTW

i love christmas very much... me and friends went to a christmas party in Mayfair, London...the most expensive property area in monopoly, u will know it if u play monopoly...hahaha :-) I was so excited when my fren put me into the guest list...i thought i will like a super star cuz I was in a guest list, BUT i still needa queue up for almost an hour to get into the pub..WTF!!! worst snuff, it was raining on christmas eve....queuing for an hour + raining + wearing so little clothes during winter T_T Aora is a high class club so all the gentlemen and ladies were in nice suits and dress...
                       me with Dianna...i like my red nail polish..hehe
                             Nesrin + Dianna + Genie = sexy babes
                              plus another hot babe---> Li yin from Liverpool who
                              stayed at my place for a week to spend Christmas in
                              London with me.. my ang moh frens dunno how to
                              pronounce her name, i think most of the time they called
                              her "lee anne"...hahaha:-) nice nickname
                              i was so tipsy i supposed cuz the picture explained well
                              my kindy fren Liang in grey shirt from newcastle who
                              also spent christmas in London with me......
i don't feel like wanna talk bout my other fren Joisyeh cuz he was so fucking drunk that night, he spent more than 1000 pounds on drinks that night and get wasted...crazy wulala him!!!! he was so drunk and he had no idea wat he did that night cuz he was waking up naked and his waist was painful...scared shit of him!!!!! he tot he get raped...muahahahaa!!!! actually Liang was the one who dragged him back to his room from the cab, at first Jo dun wanna get out from the cab, the driver and Liang used 30 minutes to drag him out from the cab and sent him to his room...but the next morning Jo's neighbored Saulo found out he was--------->
                                            slept in the hall's aisle...muahaha :-)
                                     Nesrin was so drunk that night too
                                     thanks GOD Dianna was sober to take
                                     care of her....awww, they r sweet bestie

                          look at those alcoholic....(shake head...) luckily I don't
                          really like to drink and i noe my own's limit cuz I'm a SHOPAHOLIC
                          not an alcoholic!!!
my frens really get wasted that nite.....and only left me + liang and Dianna were sober...but it was a really fun christmas eve party with them...Merry Christmas